During the acting programme every student at HSA will learn be to become a truthful, honest and organic actor. You will explore a variety of texts and styles, including improvisation, contemporary British and American drama, and will specialise on a the wide range of musical theatre material. The work is Stanislavsky-based (don’t worry if you are unsure what this means, it’s all part of the training!) You will really dig deep to look at a characters feelings, thoughts and behaviour. We will explore beats and intentions, obstacles, objectives and sub text. You will explore physicality and voice/accent work.

You will look at audition preparation and material, including classical and contemporary monologue study.

As the founder of HSA is also a full time musical theatre lecturer delivering SQA qualifications in Musical Theatre at a Glasgow based centre – training at HSA could help you prepare for an audition onto these programmes – an excellent and exciting articulation route. For those that are already training at centres these classes will not only develop and nurture your artistry they will also prepare you for your auditions for conservatories and universities.


You will look at ensemble, repertoire, technique and musicality. You will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the vocal tract allowing you to have a deeper understanding of the technique you are applying. At HSA we deliver various techniques that are suitable to the specific individual. In class you will also have a professional musician who will be there as a pianist to accompany you, this is something that’s crucial in developing your musicality. We will be learning scores from the biggest West End shows and you will get the opportunity to sing both ensemble, duets, trios and solo pieces. You will train in various voice qualities allowing your casting to become broader. You will look at delivery, execution, stamina and presentation. You will also have the opportunity to record your own demo.


You will have fun learning current West End choreography from shows like Hamilton, Heather’s, Lion King, Kinky Boots, Everyone’s talking about Jamie, Mean Girls (to name a few!) whilst learning how to apply technique. At HSA we not only focus on your training as a dancer but how to communicate emotionally through the choreography. You will be trained on presentation, delivery, execution, energy. All the things that are looked at in an audition dance call!
You will focus on various styles of dance including ballet, jazz, commercial, modern, contemporary, tap and body conditioning.

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